Hello and welcome to my website. I’m a new author with a unique  style that is entertaining, educational and appeals to young and old alike. I have been writing for years about many subjects in poetry and humorous satires, but this is my first widely published work. Using poetry and photographs, I tell a story of a dog that dreams of running with a pack of wolves. I’m looking forward to sharing my future stories as they develop.  I am working to get the word out that Haida The Hunter is a fun and informative read for everyone with lots of beautiful photography of wildlife and scenery from the mountainous British Columbia interior.

About the Story

Haida The Hunter is a photographic and poetic story of a dog that dreams of running with a pack of wolves before any humans ever set foot in North America. Learn the joys and hardships to live as a wolf, as well as the environment and animals that the wolves compete against and depend on for survival.


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My Story

A Bit About Me and Haida

As a kid living way out in the country I would live in my own world of imagination wondering how things looked from differing perspectives, be it other people's or animal's. In school I wrote many short imaginative stories and rhymes, but it all was suppressed when I graduated, moved onto post secondary education and became an indentured member of the automated industrial workforce. In recent years I have taken the time to reunite with that perspective and talent to honor people and animals and convey their stories and points of view.

Spending time in the wilderness is a refreshing inspiration using my best four-footed friend, Haida as my muse.  Living off the land is my way to connect with nature, not for glory or for a trophy, but for healthy living and eating as it was for my ancestors long ago.

   As for Haida, she is an active inquisitive German Shepherd Dog that loves fun of any-kind anytime (except early mornings). I always wonder just what is going on in that furry head of hers, she always seems to have an agenda that is much different than mine.

Haida The Hunter

October 2017

She Dreamed of running with the Wild Pack


This book is an entertaining learn-to-read story plus educational information about local BC wildlife as well as beautiful photography.

Haida The Hunter is suitable for kids K- Gr. 6 or anyone that loves the outdoor life.

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"I'm a Grey Wolf in my fantasy"
- Haida

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Haida The Hunter is available in Beautiful    8"X 10" Hard Cover, Soft Cover and E-Book 

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